Meet Suze & Maura

Maura is committed to making it easy for people to have conversations about money. 

As a Behavioural Cash Flow Specialist and Financial Planner, Maura has seen the impact of having people  understand money,and understand why they make the decisions they do with their money. Money is about more than numbers, emotions and beliefs are often at play. Maura coaches individuals and business owners, working within their stated goals and values, to help them gain confidence, awareness and clarity and allowing them to move forward and "Do Money Like It Makes Sense". 

Maura is passionate about the human spirit and equally passionate about helping people protect the future they work so hard to shape. “One thing I really believe is that everyone counts”. This philosophy resounds through her role as a financial advisor and in her other passion as a successful singer songwriter.

Suze Casey designed and developed the Belief Re-patterning technique to support herself and others, in flipping the switch on negative self-talk. In private practice since 1999, she is the CEO of Sequana Wellness Group Inc, has hosted a popular weekly radio show, is a best-selling Hay House author, and a six-time Gran. In 2015 Suze, along with her partner Dr. Phil Hoffmann, began Learn It – LIVE IT Transformational Seminars Inc expanding the opportunities for more individuals to experience, learn, and live this amazing technique so everyone can make the positive impact they were born to make.

Together they have created this 1 day seminar to shift your behaviours and beliefs around money.